Thomas J. Tierney, P.T.
Aquatic Rehabilitation Systems I-III
Aquatic Physical Therapy Resources, Inc.
  Thomas J. Tierney, P.T. has presented aquatic lectures internationally for over 12 years now. Tom has assisted with the Aquatic Program Development for the Chicago Bulls, Miami Dolphins, Chicago White Sox, the Green Bay Packers, North Carolina State Wolfpack and the New York Yankees. He developed and has presented the Aquatic Rehabilitation Series I, II and III to hundreds of aquatic professionals. His vast experience as a Physical Therapist in clinical orthopedics has provided him the practical knowledge necessary to establish such innovative treatment programs.


" We have been sending our staff to your programs for years. Your courses continue to give us the depth that we didn’t find at other seminars."

" This is the best aquatics course I have taken in the past 8 years. You really motivated me. The lecture was presented well and the in-pool participation pulled it all together. Professionally done."

“ You have given me confidence and the direction that I needed. Don’t thank us, we should be thanking you.”

“ I really enjoyed this weekend. This course has opened my eyes to all sorts of great ideas. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow.”


CONSULTANT - We can assist you with the perfect pool design to fit your varied needs.We
can also train your entire staff with our comprehensive programs. Finally APTR can completely outfit your facility with all the state of the art aquatic equipment at discount prices. Let us get you up and running, quickly and professionally.

EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTOR - Our extensive line of Aquatic Therapy Equipment carries the TA (Therapy Approved) rating. This means your products have been tested for quality and compatibility. See the Aquatic Equipment section of this web site for a list of all available equipment.



  CHOICES TO CONTROL COST - We give you a one or two day option with multiple discount opportunities.

PROGRAM SPECIALIZATION - We limit class sizes to maximize content as well as instructor/participant feedback. Our programs are thought provoking & packed with information, offering over 15 years of practical knowledge in the field.

MULTI-LEVEL PROTOCOLS - Our programs now include practical examples from a multi-level/age population group.
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